Effective Operating Principles


Our mission and business philosophy is simple. We are continuously improving the productivity of our customers by integrating systems and processes with emerging therapeutic programs, high quality services, and ongoing support. Building on the deep clinical knowledge of the aging population we provide exceptional service to customers by delivering excellent clinical solutions with professional integrity. We develop successful business relationships though mutual trust and respect.


Meeting All of Your Educational and Consulting Needs

Today's business climate demands your caregivers operate efficiently, are highly qualified while exceeding the regulatory requirements,

Dawn On The Horizon provides integrated education and consulting services that allow your company to maintain peak levels of performance and productivity while enhancing the quality of life of the people you serve,



  • Clinical and Operational Performance
  • Health care Transformation Services
  • Education
  • Program Development
  • Regulatory Oversight

Customer Service


Reliability and conveniences are two parts of our customer services commitment. Our team is available for both  remote and on site services ensure you receive optimal service.

  • NCCAP Certification Classes
  • MEPAP and MHEC Educational Classes
  • On Site Consultations
  • On Line Classes

"Dawn On The Horizon is the most professional and knowledgeable Activity  service provider I have ever worked with. They are incredibly innovative in their thinking and certainly experts with Regulatory Compliance  and Programming  implementation."- Calvin V.- Administrator